Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Numbers forty one to sixty in Portuguese

Here we reach the middle of our numbers series. Its all downhill to the end from here folks! This is Numbers forty one to sixty in Portuguese. I hope you're having fun keeping up with the number learning and that you have a chance to use your new-found knowledge of Portuguese at some point in the future!

English to portuguese numbers forty one to sixty
forty-onequarenta e um
forty-twoquarenta e dois
forty-threequarenta e três
forty-fourquarenta e quatro
forty-fivequarenta e cinco
forty-sixquarenta e seis
forty-sevenquarenta e sete
forty-eightquarenta e oito
forty-ninequarenta e nove
fifty-onecinqüenta e um
fifty-twocinquenta e dois
fifty-threecinquenta e três
fifty-fourcinquenta e quatro
fifty-fivecinqüenta e cinco
fifty-sixcinqüenta e seis
fifty-sevencinqüenta e sete
fifty-eightcinqüenta e oito
fifty-ninecinquenta e nove

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